Monkey Puzzle Tree  - 39" diameter

Monkey Puzzle Tree and Bob



My main Lathes are two VB-36ís, the first one was purchased in 1996 which has a 2HP motor and is fitted with a tailstock, and in 2001 a second VB was acquired with a 3HP motor, also a Vicmarc 300 lathe. I find these lathes are superb and will handle any size of woodturning.  VB Website


Demo at Yandels, Martock 26" Monkey Puzzle Bowl 8" deep

VB36 3HP Lathe

Monkey Puzzle ring before turning


 A selection of work in progress.


Part turned  bowls, artistic vases and table lamps,
dated, labelled and waiting to be returned and finished.
13" x 9" Monkey Puzzle Lamp



Shaping the outside of a Monkey Puzzle bowl

Turning the inside of a Monkey Puzzle bowl


Burr Elm Log 6 feet x 4 feet Burr Elm after cutting